Nothing Down About It

Liam 1 year old Pic 4-2We would like to introduce our son Liam to everyone that visits our website. He was born February 1, 2018.  Around 11 weeks into the pregnancy we got a call from the doctor that we needed to come in to discuss the results of the pregnancy screening blood work Tracy had done. Our doctor sat us down and informed us that the test came back positive for Trisomy 21, also known as Down Syndrome. He went on to inform us of our options. He referred us to a specialist and we were on our way. To say this was a shock is an understatement.

Once we got over the initial shock and all the what ifs, we went on to see the specialist. This doctor was a geneticist and we were seeing him to confirm the diagnosis.  While we were meeting with him, Tracy and I kept getting this feeling that this doctor was trying to point us in the direction of terminating!!  What gave him this idea?  Granted we were blown back by the diagnosis, who wouldn’t be, but at no time did terminating cross either one of our minds.  The tests done that day were not 100% conclusive, but we left there feeling confident that the diagnosis was correct.

After this appointment, I can’t count how many times Tracy and I spoke about how that doctor seemed to be pushing towards termination.  We wondered if he did this to every mother/father who came to him with this diagnosis?  Was this normal practice? Why wasn’t there more positivity or focus on what possibly wasn’t wrong with the baby?

After weeks of researching and sifting through all the doom and gloom on the internet, I concluded that this was normal, not only for doctors but also a lot of the public. My question was why? We live in a society now that is more accepting than ever before, so how could this be?  The answers that I kept coming up with were lack of knowledge and misunderstanding.  The lack of knowledge seemed to lead to the misunderstanding.

As I was reading remarkable story after remarkable story I realized one thing, these kids, yes delayed, can be just as successful as typical kids if giving the resources and most all the opportunity.  There wasn’t anything that these children couldn’t accomplish with a lot of work and a little patience.  This sounded exactly what parenting should be.  With a lot of work, comes a lot of reward.  I also realized what amazing and caring adults these children become.

This got me thinking…. What could we do to help parents who are in the same situation as we get access to the resources that will help them fully understand that this diagnosis is not the end of the world.  In fact, it’s just the beginning of a world you couldn’t have imagined in your wildest dreams.  Also, what could we do to educate the doctors on how to better deliver this diagnosis.

Four months before Liam was born I came across this Facebook page called “Parents of Children born with Down Syndrome” so I started to follow it.  This is where I first met Rick Smith.  Well I didn’t really meet him, I just followed him and Noah, who is his son on Facebook.  He is the founder of Hope Story.  Rick and his team have been bringing hope to parents of children with down syndrome and educating doctors how to deliver a diagnosis with compassion, confidence, and most of all hope.  I knew the first time I saw one of his posts that Rick was going to do great things and touch the lives of so many people.

So, this is when Tracy and I decided to take action.  We have decided that Pinner Financial Services, LLC will donate 5% of our gross sales to Hope Story.  We hope that this contribution will be able to help a parent with a down syndrome diagnosis have access to the resources needed for their unique situations.  We are hoping that we Hope Story will be able to change this world one person at a time.  Make sure to go visit Hope Story’s web-page and check out some of their blogs. I must warn you though, some are real tear jerkers!

If you would like to donate to this wonderful and caring organization, you can in 2 ways.

  • You can hit the donate button below and choose your amount
  • You can purchase life insurance from us and in turn we will donate 5%

Thank you for supporting a great cause.