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Most consumers don’t think a whole lot about life insurance, until they start their family, buy a house, or someone close to them passes away unexpectedly. When you have that family, you want to make sure they are secure financially if you were to pass away. Trying to do this without diverting money away from.. More

Most consumers when they think about life insurance, term life insurance is the first option that comes to their mind. Many consumers are familiar with term life policies and term life is the easiest to understand. Even though term life insurance is the most popular and purchased the most, there are many more life insurance.. More

Universal life insurance (UL) is a policy that offers lifelong coverage to age 121 and builds up cash value as long as premiums are paid. Often referred to as adjustable life insurance because the premiums and death benefits are flexible, while allowing more options on how the cash value is invested. Universal life insurance (UL).. More

Looking for the top rated Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Companies? Well you have landed on the right page. With so many options to choose from, it’s difficult to know which company to purchase from. We are here to help! In this article we will review the top rated life companies selling guaranteed issue life insurance.. More

There are many benefits to owning a life insurance policy. Whether the death benefit is to replace income or to pay off a mortgage, most agree it’s an important piece to have in your financial portfolio. You don’t buy life insurance hoping to use it, you buy it just in case tragedy strikes, so that.. More

At Pinner Financial Services, LLC we are committed to researching and recommending the best life insurance companies and their products. In this article we will be reviewing the best term life insurance companies for 2019. We are basing our review on this criteria: Price Financial Ratings Underwriting Customer Service Riders What is Term Life Insurance?.. More

What is Adjustable Life Insurance? Often referred to as a universal life policy, adjustable life insurance is often described as a hybrid of a term and participating whole life insurance policy. These types of permanent life insurance policies are designed to have “flexible premiums” and an “adjustable death benefit.” Adjustable life insurance policies offer a.. More

At Easy Quotes 4  You, we are looking out for you. Our whole existence is based on saving you time, money, and your sanity while you shop for life insurance. We have done the research and come up with what we believe our the top 5 life insurance companies in America for 2019. We are.. More

Overview of Gerber Life Insurance Gerber Life Insurance is best known for its polices for children, but the company does sale term life and whole life polices to adults. Gerber Life sells directly to consumers rather than agents using commercials and direct mailers, very similar to AARP except you don’t have to be a member… More

For the majority of Americans, buying a home is the biggest investment of their life. While losing a loved one is hard enough, but losing the household provider can wreak havoc on your finances, but most importantly, the ability to stay in the home they love. With that said, what is the best way to.. More

What is the difference between Final Expense & Burial Insurance? The short answer is there is very little difference between the two, except what the death benefit proceeds are used for. Final Expense Insurance or Burial Insurance is a whole life policy, or also known as permanent life insurance. These policies are marketed to seniors.. More

AARP Life Insurance: Is it Right for You? For over 20 years, AARP has offered life insurance to its members through an unique arrangement with New York Life. New York Life is on of the nations oldest mutual life insurance company while compiling the top rankings from the rating agencies as seen below. Seniors are.. More

Guaranteed issue life insurance, also referred to as guaranteed acceptance life insurance is usually a whole life policy that requires no exam and asks no medical questions. These types of policies are usually restricted to a maximum $25,000 death benefit while the premiums are guaranteed for the life of the contract. Guaranteed issue life insurance.. More

If you are a parent to a special needs child, then I am sure this question has crossed your mind “How will I provide for my child after I am gone?” This was my first thought when my son, Liam, was diagnosed with down syndrome, 11 weeks in the womb. I knew he would be.. More

Having life insurance in place, whether you are young or old, is vital when you die. When young, we have life insurance to cover income replacement and debts, like a mortgage. As we get older, the debts get paid off and the children grow up, but the need for life insurance is still there. You.. More

If you have reached the age of 50 or above, then you have received countless mailers from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). These mailers are meant to inform you of the benefits that having a membership with AARP offers. AARP claims to offer the best and most affordable life insurance products for consumers.. More

If you ask most consumers, the most aggravating part of buying life insurance is having to take the medical exam. It can be inconvenient and intrusive to free up time for a stranger to come by and ask a bunch of personal questions. The good news is that now a lot of life insurance companies.. More

Whole life insurance, also known as permanent life or straight life insurance is a cash value type of policy which offers protection during the entire lifetime of the insured. It has two main benefits: A guaranteed death benefit and premium The cash value that is accumulated over the length of the policy and can be.. More

Mortgage protection insurance, or MPI, is a decreasing term life insurance policy meant to pay off the home if you pass away, or in some cases, make the mortgage payment if you were to become disabled and couldn’t work.

If you have loved ones that depend on you financially, then you probably need life insurance. Life insurance proceeds are paid out tax-free so that your loved ones can use it for such purposes as paying off debt, paying off mortgage, or income replacement to name a few.

Term life insurance is a basic, cheap, and relatively easy concept to understand. It can provide a death benefit with a stated premium that guaranteed level for the term period selected. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for the most consumers.

One of the greatest accomplishments that people make in their adulthood is buying their dream home and getting away from the rent payments. When you get rid of those rent payments and buy a home, many more responsibilities arise. Such as, maintaining the lawn, repair of appliances if necessary, homeowners insurance, and mortgage protection insurance. This can make things a little stressful. In this article we will explain what mortgage protection insurance is and if it’s a good buy.

If you are a policy holder with North American Life, then you probably already know what a great company they are. If you have never heard of North American, then read on for an in depth review. We will discuss the pros and cons and give our thoughts about North American at the end. North.. More

When you purchase a life insurance policy, essentially you are providing a safety net for your loved ones if you’re not around to provide for them. With a life insurance policy, your family can use the benefit to cover burial costs, mortgage payments, and kids education just to name a few. If you have ever.. More

When you buy a house, it is one of the most overwhelming, yet rewarding purchases of your life. The worry of “will I be able to make the payment” or “did I buy the right house” seems to be a norm.

As you get older, and more wiser you start to look back when you were younger and wish you had done things a little bit differently.  This is especially true when it comes to Life Insurance. When we are young and healthy we don’t feel we need life insurance so we wait to buy or.. More

With the explosion of the internet also came recognition for life insurance companies that most people have never heard of. Easier to advertise and get their name out there with social media and email marketing campaigns. Well one company that has been around a long time and starting to get some exposure is American National.. More

Having a child or children with special needs comes a lot of planning in day-to-day life. The action that often gets put on the back burner when you have a special needs child is financial planning for their future!! Planning for your child’s future in the event they are unable to support or care for.. More

Being a parent to a special needs child is one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs of our lifetime. I know because I am the father to a beautiful son (pictured above) who has down syndrome. Watching our children struggle with the most basic aspects of life is difficult for any parent. With that.. More

When you have a serious health condition, many tend to believe that they will get denied life insurance. Normally that isn’t the only reason, many other factors lead to denial of life insurance. Such as if you have multiple DUIs or reckless driving, if you have a history with drugs/alcohol, a criminal record and even.. More

By the age of 65, it is likely that you have purchased life insurance. But in some cases, a lot of Americans haven’t. At this age you most likely need it but risk the prices being extremely high. Many still have debts and mortgages to pay off, and some still have family dependent on them… More

Thinking about buying life insurance online? Are you looking to buy life insurance online? Don’t look any further, we have you covered. We will discuss what the benefits of life insurance are, what types of policies are available, and what to look out for when purchasing online. So sit back with your cup of coffee.. More

When you purchase a home, this usually will be one of the biggest financial obligations of your life. Your life insurance policy will become essential in your financial planning, especially when buying a home with a spouse or loved one. In 2015, homeowners median monthly mortgage payment was $1,030 according the U.S. Census Bureau. Mortgage.. More

There is no doubt that purchasing a home will be the biggest investment of most people’s lives. It will be one of the most exciting times, but can also be very stressful. It is easy to get burnt out by a host of new chores and financial worries that may have never crossed your mind… More

A question we get a lot when quoting life insurance to our clients is; why is term life insurance so much cheaper than permanent life insurance? The honest answer is the life insurance carriers have been making money from the sale of term life for years. The life insurance industry estimates that term life payouts.. More

Individuals with medical issues, for instance, diabetes often discover that qualifying for life insurance is not a simple as it sounds. There are three types of diabetes which people are diagnosed with. There is type 1 diabetes (also known as juvenile diabetes), type 2 diabetes (most common form), and gestational diabetes (occurs during pregnancy) Not.. More

Term life insurance is chosen more often than all permanent life insurance products together (whole life and universal life).

If you are senior, then you probably have received some type of advertisement in the mail for AARP Life Insurance. We get asked a lot if it is as good a deal as it seems.  Well the short answer is no it is not, but they do have some niches that fit well with some.. More

When people talk about Life Insurance it seems like the mood in the room turns gloomy.  Life Insurance is not sexy, and most people would rather avoid the subject if possible.  I am here to tell you that it’s time to talk about Life Insurance if you haven’t got it secured, and I am going.. More

If you have a family and you want to rest easy, you need to have life insurance. This will make it possible for your loved ones have no financial problems in case you die unexpectedly. If you have a family that depends on you, life insurance should be a priority for you.  Life Insurance is.. More

These days with all the advertisements on television and paid reviews, it’s hard to find an honest review of a life insurance company. That won’t happen here.  We are an independent life insurance agency whom represents the best life insurance carriers in America. We give you our honest and experienced opinion of each company and.. More

Life insurance is a financial instrument with the purpose of providing benefits to beneficiaries/dependents if the insured meets an untimely death or due to ailment. There are two types of life insurance – term and whole life. These two are differentiated with their maturity and other privileges/inclusive their policies carry. Term insurance is straightforward life.. More

Indexed universal life insurance is a universal life insurance policy that includes cash value and a guaranteed death benefit. It is called indexed because the cash value portion of the policy earns interest according to a market index, i.e. NASDAQ and S&P 500. It has a ceiling and floor cap depending on the stipulations in.. More

If anyone has ever talked with you about life insurance being an investment, you have probably heard the saying “buy term and invest the difference”.  This saying is based on the premise of buying low cost term life insurance which frees up money for investments. Permanent life insurance, life insurance that has a cash value.. More

If you ask a financial advisor, the first thing he or she would ask is “are you insured?” Life insurance is an important component of financial stability, for untimely death, but also for other aspects of future financial stability; with the right financial planning and policy. It can help in funding for college education, pay.. More

Life Insurance is when the major decision is made to provide financial support to your family members in the event of an untimely death.  This can be a confusing and frustrating process to most.  It can take weeks and sometimes months which is aggravating at best. If you are thinking about purchasing life insurance, then.. More

One of the main attractions with permanent life insurance, like variable universal life, is the cash value component attached.  The problem with most of these permanent policies is the rate of return is usually low.  This is where variable universal life could make a difference. What is Variable Universal Life? Variable universal life insurance is.. More

What is term life insurance?  Term life insurance is policy that provides a death benefit for certain amount of time.  If you, the insured, passes away during that set time period, then your beneficiary would receive the death benefit. With term life insurance policies, you choose the benefit period that best suits your situation at.. More

There is a big mis-conception out there that if you don’t bring actual dollar bills into the household, then you don’t need to have life insurance.  This couldn’t be more wrong.  Stay at home parents need just as much coverage as the breadwinners do.  I am going to outline some reasons for you to consider:.. More

If you have done your financial planning homework there is a good chance that you own a life insurance policy.  You know how much you need and whether to buy term life or permanent life. If you bought your life policy more than 7 years ago then you probably haven’t heard of the living benefits.. More