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Americo Life Insurance Company Review Contact Info for Americo Life Insurance Company 1055 BroadwayKansas City, Missouri 64105(816) Thanks for visiting our Americo Life Insurance Company Review. We are independent life insurance brokers trying to bring in depth reviews of every life insurance carrier doing business in America. In this article we will review the.. More

Cincinnati Life Insurance Company Review Thanks for stopping to by to check out our in depth review of Cincinnati Life Insurance Company. We hope to give you more knowledge about the history of Cincinnati Life Insurance along with the products that they offer. In this article we will be reviewing the life insurance products offered.. More

AAA Life Insurance Review Most consumers have heard of AAA Insurance because of the Motor Club, but AAA is also in the life insurance business. They don’t refer you to a company like AARP does, they are an actual life insurance company. AAA Life Insurance should be considered when shopping for life insurance and in.. More

What is Return of Premium Life Insurance? To most consumers, life insurance is used to protect there loved ones in case of a premature death. And most life insurance isn’t something that you get money back unless you do die. But what if I told you that their is a life insurance product that you.. More

If you have found this blog post, then you are probably thinking about purchasing a million dollar life insurance policy, and you are wondering; What does a million dollar life insurance policy cost? The good news is you have come to the right place. We will go over why you need a million dollar life.. More

What’s Better for New Parents — Traditional or No Exam Life Insurance? As a new parent, it’s only natural to want to give your child the world. Shelter, food, and love are the basics, of course, but there’s something else that is equally as important: Life insurance. Buying life insurance for yourself is the best.. More

What is Decreasing Term Life Insurance? Most consumers are very familiar with term insurance products, but what most people aren’t aware of is the specific types of term life insurance such as decreasing term insurance, level term insurance, and annual renewable term insurance. In this article, we will go over the pros and cons of.. More

How Is Life Insurance Affected By The Coronavirus How is life insurance affected by the Coronavirus, is a question we get asked a lot these days. As the reality of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) sets in, many people who don’t have life insurance currently, are seeking to get protection fast. And the consumers who are insured.. More

Minnesota Life Insurance Company History Minnesota Life Insurance Company was founded in the year 1880 by Russell Dorr and is the first life insurance company in Minnesota. In 1901, Minnesota Life Insurance Company changed its structure to a mutual life insurance company and changed names to Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Company, a name they kept.. More

Legal and General America History Legal and General America was formed as a holding company in 1981 by Legal and General Group based out of London. They bought Government Employees Life Insurance Company (GELICO) and its NY affiliate. In 1983, the name of GELICO was changed to Banner Life Insurance Company. In 1989, William Penn.. More

United Home Life Insurance Company (UHL) Review Today we are going to review United Home Life Insurance Company and its parent company United Farm Family Life. We will go over their history, ratings, and what types of products that they offer. United Home Life Insurance Company was established in 1948 and has been offering life.. More

Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance With the explosion of online life insurance sales, many insurance carriers that have never been heard of before, are gaining name recognition across the country. One of these companies is Royal Neighbors of America Life Insurance Company (RNA). In this article we will be reviewing Royal Neighbors of America.. More

Whole Life vs Universal Life When it comes to buying life insurance, it can be intimidating figuring out which type of life insurance best fits you. What is best when it comes to Whole Life vs Universal Life? Well that all depends on what the life insurance is for and what your goals for the.. More

As a homeowner, it’s essential to have a plan to keep your loved ones protected just in case of the unexpected tragedy. This is where mortgage protection life insurance becomes an important addition to your financial portfolio. This is a valuable tool for financial planning, that gives families the opportunity to remain in  their homes in the.. More

Using Indexed Universal Life to fund a LIRP Using Indexed Universal Life to fund a LIRP can help you save towards that tax free retirement while protecting your family at the same time. Many of our clients today are looking for ways to save for a tax-free retirement. They want to take the guess work.. More

Primerica Life Insurance Company Review (AKA Prime America) Primerica Life Insurance or sometimes referred to as Prime America is unique in the life insurance industry in that it only offers term life insurance products, no whole life or adjustable/universal life insurance. In 2018, Primerica issued the second most life insurance products in North America, but.. More

Life Insurance for Teachers If you teach, I understand how hard it is to find time to sit down and review what type of life insurance would be best for you and your family. Most school systems give you some life insurance for free, usually up to 1 years’ salary, and you have an option.. More

When is it appropriate to talk about Death? It’s a scary subject and people don’t like talking about it. When you bring money and death together – you can bet nobody is coming over for dinner at your house anymore. Life after death always makes people nervous and most prefer not to think too much.. More

Disability Insurance Explained Most people know someone that has had health issues or been involved in an accident that left them unable to work for an extended time. This is hard watching someone struggle to make ends meet during this time, and even harder to imagine that it could be you or a family member… More

Guaranteed UL vs. Traditional UL If you have ever researched permanent life insurance, you probably have noticed that universal life insurance or sometimes referred to as adjustable life insurance comes in many different shapes and sizes. You have guaranteed universal life (GUL), traditional universal life (not guaranteed), indexed universal life, and variable life insurance. In.. More

Globe Life Insurance Company Review These days with all the advertisements on television and paid reviews, it’s hard to find an honest review of a life insurance company. That won’t happen here.  We are an independent life insurance agency whom represents the best life insurance carriers in America. We give you our honest and experienced.. More

SBLI Life Insurance Company Review Having life insurance to protect your loved ones is a must, but overpaying for it is something you can avoid. At EasyQuotes4You we are giving a review on every life insurance carrier that does business in the United States. We are un-biased and hope to give our visitors a true.. More

Vantis Life has strong financial outlook and has earned the highest ratings from the insurer rating agencies. They boast an “A+” rating with A.M. Best Company.

What is the Life Insurance Medical Exam A Life Insurance Medical Exam is a requirement by the insurance carrier in order to review your medical history and assess what your overall health and life expectancy is. This gives the life insurance carrier an idea of how much risk they may be taking by insuring you… More

Principal Life Insurance Company is one of the oldest life insurance carriers in the United States. Established in 1879 under the name of Bankers Life Association, Principal has been providing financial products to consumers worldwide.

American Amicable Life Insurance Company If you found this article, their is good chance that you are shopping around for some Life Insurance. At EasyQuotes4You we try to ease that process for you by writing unbiased reviews of the life insurance carriers across America. Purchasing a life insurance policy is one the most beneficial arrangements.. More

Phoenix Life Insurance started covering Americans back in 1851 when they were called American Temperance Life Insurance Company. When they first opened there goal was to sell life insurance to applicants who didn’t use alcohol.

At EasyQuotes4You were represent dozens of life insurance carriers. While all are “A” rated, they each have their different niches that are unique to them. We try to give honest reviews based on our 17 years of experience with each company. In this article we are going to review Fidelity Life Insurance or sometimes referred to as Fidelity Life Association.

Haven Life is an online life insurance agency, offering only term life. Haven Life Insurance is owned by MassMutual and been in business since March of 2014.

With more than 135 years providing wealth accumulation and life insurance products to its customers, Foresters Life strives go above an beyond the rest. Foresters Life Insurance is not a traditional stock life insurance company, they are known as a fraternal benefit society. They are a not-for-profit insurance company.

Sagicor Life Insurance is one of are go to no exam life insurance companies. They are truly an innovator in the life insurance marketplace. Sagicor Life Insurance offers non medical term life, universal life, and whole life insurance policies.

Prudential Life Insurance is headquartered in Newark, NJ and continues to it commitment to its mission of creating long-term value for its stakeholders through strong business practices. Pruco Life Insurance has become one of the most recognized life insurance companies in the United States, as well as around the world. Today, Prudential Life Insurance has operations in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Have you ever wondered what your chances of dying in an accident are? Well according to the CDC, accidents are the 5th leading cause of death in America. It only trails causes like heart disease, cancer, lung and respiratory diseases and strokes.

This is why Accidental Death & Dismemberment or AD&D Insurance should be a part of your financial portfolio. Especially for Americans age 25-44 years of age.

Accidental deaths in 2017 only accounted for 5.4% of deaths in the United States. But deaths of Americans age 25-44 was 30.2% in 2017.

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 55 Life insurance is cheap and simple when you’re in your twenties or thirties and in good health. In fact, nowadays a thirty-year-old healthy male non-smoker can get a $1 million term policy for about $30 a month. That’s less than two large pizzas! But what about those folks who.. More

Life Insurance Rates for 2020 If you are looking to find out what life insurance rates are in 2020, you clicked on the right blog. We have done the research for you, analyzing the top life insurance companies in the United States. We have compiled a list of term life and permanent life insurance rates.. More

Protective Life has been doing business in the United States for over a 100 years. They currently have multiple subsidiary companies that offer insurance and investment products across America.

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 60 – 5 Policy Options Even though life insurance for seniors over 60 will cost more than young adults in their 20s and 30s, seniors still have options for buying affordable life insurance. Life insurance for seniors over 60 should be based on their needs more than their budget. With that.. More

When you are shopping for life insurance, there are many options when it comes to insurance companies, product type, and optional coverages. But, what about underwriting? There are options for underwriting as well. Which type of underwriting is best? What are the differences? Which underwriting delivers the cheapest rate? Here, we’ll discuss the difference between.. More

Life insurance is generally fairly cheap and simple for young adults who are active and healthy. In fact, unless you have some health conditions that could impact your insurance rates, young adults can buy a million dollar term policy for about the price of a large pizza. In this article we will talk about affordable.. More

No matter what type of insurance you are researching or buying, it’s likely that you’ll find it confusing when you’re considering which product will work best for your circumstances. Yes, there are many life insurance products out there, but there really needs to be because different products are suited for different needs. Here, we’ll discuss.. More

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance (GUL) Have you thought about buying term insurance but your reluctant having something temporary even though it’s so cheap? Typically, people who pass on term insurance and then look at the cost of whole life insurance are blown away by the cost of insurance – talk about sticker shock! Don’t give.. More

Marijuana and Life Insurance With medical marijuana legal in 33 states and recreational use legal in 10 states, it was just a matter of time before life insurance companies had to start looking at marijuana usage much differently than in the past. Not all insurance companies see the usage of marijuana the same, so read.. More

As an insurance professional, I used to get this question from existing clients all the time. It’s not surprising that many adult children out there feel like they will be responsible for the funeral and burial of parents who for whatever reason, have very little life insurance or no life insurance at all. In most.. More

When it comes to getting a life insurance policy, most people have the mindset to “set it and forget it” until the policy is set to expire or they need to file a claim. However, if you take just a few minutes each year to review these five things on your life insurance policy, it.. More

Life Insurance for Dummies Although the title “Life Insurance for Dummies” is popular and easily catches attention, the better title would have been “Life Insurance for Beginners.” Learning about life insurance can be confusing, complicated, and boring, and most people roll their eyes when they even think of it. Unfortunately, almost everyone needs life insurance.. More

Best Life Insurance for Physicians A key component of a good financial plan for physicians and medical professionals, whether it’s personal or business, is having sufficient life insurance coverage. The lump sum death monetary benefit from life insurance has multiple purposes beyond just final expenses and funeral costs. Depending on your situation, it could also.. More

Variable life insurance, also called variable universal life insurance  offers lifelong coverage as well as a cash value component. Variable universal life insurance policies offer higher upside potential than other permanent life insurance, such as whole life. This may sound great, but we urge you to be careful when choosing a variable life policy. These.. More

Life Insurance for Seniors over 70 It is curious that lots of seniors presume that life insurance may no longer be an option once they’re over age 70 years old. Many believe the cost will be unaffordable or that medical problems will prevent them from being approved for a policy. In this guide, we will.. More

Best Life Insurance for Seniors It’s obvious that in today’s economy, there is no shortage of information regarding the best life insurance for seniors. Most of the articles you’ll likely find will focus on the lowest rates or a specific kind of life insurance. But, what seniors should consider first and foremost is why they.. More

With more than $30 billion in assets under their management, Mutual of Omaha is one of the top insurance companies in the industry today.