Mortgage Protection Insurance

For the majority of Americans, buying a home is the biggest investment of their life. While losing a loved one is hard enough, but losing the household provider can wreak havoc on your finances, but most importantly, the ability to stay in the home they love. With that said, what is the best way to.. More

Mortgage protection insurance, or MPI, is a decreasing term life insurance policy meant to pay off the home if you pass away, or in some cases, make the mortgage payment if you were to become disabled and couldn’t work.

One of the greatest accomplishments that people make in their adulthood is buying their dream home and getting away from the rent payments. When you get rid of those rent payments and buy a home, many more responsibilities arise. Such as, maintaining the lawn, repair of appliances if necessary, homeowners insurance, and mortgage protection insurance. This can make things a little stressful. In this article we will explain what mortgage protection insurance is and if it’s a good buy.

When you buy a house, it is one of the most overwhelming, yet rewarding purchases of your life. The worry of “will I be able to make the payment” or “did I buy the right house” seems to be a norm.

When you purchase a home, this usually will be one of the biggest financial obligations of your life. Your life insurance policy will become essential in your financial planning, especially when buying a home with a spouse or loved one. In 2015, homeowners median monthly mortgage payment was $1,030 according the U.S. Census Bureau. Mortgage.. More

There is no doubt that purchasing a home will be the biggest investment of most people’s lives. It will be one of the most exciting times, but can also be very stressful. It is easy to get burnt out by a host of new chores and financial worries that may have never crossed your mind… More