Looking at AARP Permanent Life Insurance Policies

Written by Rob Pinner

AARP Permanent Life Insurance

If you have reached the age of 50 or above, then you have received countless mailers from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). These mailers are meant to inform you of the benefits that having a membership with AARP offers.

AARP permanent life insurance claims to offer the best and most affordable life insurance products for consumers who are already retired or soon to be retired.

Many people really start to consider life insurance at this stage of their lives, wanting to protect their loved ones financially when they pass away. AARP understands this and that’s why they market their life insurance so aggressively. Lets take a look at AARP’s permanent products offered:

aarp-life-insurance-program-AARP Permanent Life Insurance Products

AARP permanent life insurance products are issued through New York Life Insurance Company for its members. There three permanent life insurance products and all are no-medical exam life insurance. The three are:

  • AARP Whole Life

  • AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Whole Life

  • AARP Young Start Program/Children’s Whole Life

AARP Whole Life Insurnace

Issue ages for AARP whole life insurance policy is 50 to 80 years old, while covering a spouse aged 45-80 years old. You can purchase up to $50,000 of death protection, and approval is based on three questions.

Since whole life is a permanent life policy you will have the coverage for your entire life. You only have to pay the premium till age 95, when it’s then considered paid up.

AARP whole life policy also builds cash value that can be borrowed off of later down the road if a need arises. Remember any withdrawal of the cash value decreases the death benefit upon your death. It takes a few years before the cash value starts to accumulate.

AARP Whole Life Insurance Rates

Men’s Monthly Rates

aarp permanent life insurance

AARP Whole Life Insurance vs. Other Life Insurance Carriers

Male/ 50 years old/ $25,000 Death Benefit

sample rates final expense men.png

AARP Whole Life Insurance Rates for Women

Female Monthly Rates

aarp Looking at AARP Permanent Life Insurance Policies

AARP Whole Life Insurance vs. Other Life Insurance Carriers

Female/ 50 years old/ $25,000 Death Benefit

sample final expense women.png

AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance

If you are an AARP member between the ages of 50-80 you are eligible for AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance up to $25,000 of life insurance with no medical questions asked. These policies do build up cash value, however the death benefit is limited the first two years.

In order to get the full death benefit in the first two years, death has to be by an accident. If death is by an illness the first two years, your beneficiary would receive 125% of the premium paid in. These types of policies are also called graded death benefit whole life.

These policies are a last resort when you cannot qualify for any type of traditional life insurance policy.

AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Rates for Men

AARP Sample Male Rates.png

AARP Guaranteed Acceptance vs The Competition

Male/ 50 years old/ $10,000 Death Protection


AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Rates for Women


AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance vs The Competition

Female Age 50/ $10,000 Death Protection


AARP Children Whole Life Insurance

Referred to as the Young Start Program, AARP’s children whole life is marketed to parents and grandparents, since you have to be a member to purchase. The parents/grandparents are the owner and beneficiary of the policy until the insured turns 21.

Young Start is for children up to age 17 with a maximum death benefit of $20,000. It’s a whole life policy so it builds cash value that can be borrowed from later in life, approval is based on three simple questions.

AARP Permanent Life Insurance Three Qualifying Questions

The three qualifying questions that are asked in order to qualify for AARP Permanent Life Insurance:

  • In the past 2 years, have you had treatment for or been diagnosed by a doctor as having heart trouble, stroke, cancer, lung disease or disorder, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, AIDS, AIDS Related Complex, or immune system disorder?
  • In the past 2 years, for any condition, have you been admitted to or confined in a hospital, sanitarium, nursing home, extended care, or special treatment facility?
  • In the past 3 months, have you consulted a doctor or had treatment or diagnostic tests of any type? (Note: You are not required to report negative AIDS or HIV tests.)

If you can answer NO to these questions then you qualify.

AARP Permanent Life Insurance Fits Whom?

AARP permanent life insurance is a good fit for some consumers, especially if:

  • If you have been charged with a felony, on parole, or under probation then AARP is a good choice. AARP does not ask about these issues like most other companies do.
  • If you are obese, AARP is a good choice because they don’t ask about your weight. Even non-medical exam life insurance ask about your height and weight.
  • Smokers should always look at AARP, because they simply do not ask.

Our Thoughts

If you are shopping for permanent life insurance, AARP permanent life insurance products probably will be overpriced compared to other companies. Although they are affiliated with New York Life, which is a great company, the policies sold through AARP just aren’t competitive.

We always recommend working with an experienced agent who can help you look at all options available. This will ensure you choose the most affordable policy that fits your unique situation. If we can be of help, please give us a call.

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