Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life Insurance is the most intriguing of all the life insurance offered. IUL policies allows you to earn interest without chance of loss.

Using Indexed Universal Life to fund a LIRP Using Indexed Universal Life to fund a LIRP can help you save towards that tax free retirement while protecting your family at the same time. Many of our clients today are looking for ways to save for a tax-free retirement. They want to take the guess work.. More

Indexed universal life insurance is a universal life insurance policy that includes cash value and a guaranteed death benefit. It is called indexed because the cash value portion of the policy earns interest according to a market index, i.e. NASDAQ and S&P 500. It has a ceiling and floor cap depending on the stipulations in.. More

If anyone has ever talked with you about using  life insurance as an investment, you have probably heard the saying “buy term and invest the difference”.  This saying is based on the premise of buying low cost term life insurance which frees up money for investments. Permanent life insurance, life insurance that has a cash.. More